Children of the Sea 2019

110 minutes | Animation | Fantasy | Adventure | Mystery | (Japan)

Director : Ayumu Watanabe
Writers : Daisuke Igarashi, Hanasaki Kino
Stars : Alphabetically Of Cast Listed Rest: , Win Morisaki , Mana Ashida , Hiiro Ishibashi
Children of the Sea 2019 Animation Summary: Raka is a young girl whose parents are separated and her father works in an aquarium. After finishing her senior year of high school, she searches for a place to go for recreation but to no avail, so she decides to go to her father's aquarium for a vacation. At the same time, two boys, Amy and Sora, brought to the aquarium by the Dogs, which are reared in the sea by the Dogs, Rocca feels attracted to them and realizes that she has The same is true of the supernatural relationship with the ocean that the two brothers have mysterious. The special power of Amy and Sora seems to be linked to the more bizarre events taking place in the ocean, such as the appearance of sea creatures away from their home territory and the disappearance of aquarium animals around the world.

Quality: 720p-Bluray Encoder: AAC File Size: 1.3GB

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